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China supplier of diesel injection pump test bench,common rail test bench with lowest price

China supplier of diesel injection pump test bench,common rail test bench with lowest price

                                                    TAIAN FOX MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD


Our main service is offering best quality diesel fuel injection test equipment for the diesel injection service center/repair shop in all the world.

   Following are the products we offered:

 Traditional diesel fuel injection pump test bench,common rail injector test bench/test simulators,common rail pump test bench,EDC   VP37,vP44,RED4 pump tester for heavy duty cars,EUI EUP(electronic unit injector) tester+cam box,PT CUMMINS pump test bench,HEUI test bench,special repair tools for common rail pump&injectors, common rail spare parts..etc... we can offer one step service for you if you open a new repair shop.



2 years ago

How to buy a top quality diesel injection pump test bench,common rail test bench from China?

Taian Fox Mechanical Equipment Co.,ltd; China has been one of most important SUPPLIER OF DIESEL INJECTION PUMP TEST BENCHES of the world. Chinese products such as conventional test benches,common 

rail injector test benches,EUI EUP test benches and other replated diesel pump repair tools win the most customers due to its lower price and good quality.

Some local wholesales and small business owner in USA or Europe still purchase from big importers in local country. The high purchase price make your business hard to work,in recession time,it is 

need to change your mind. Directly purchase from China which is the world factory. Do not worry about the cost of import, the cost of shipment is very lower in nowadays. 

However, weak products and illegal exporters are booming at the same time in China. Many foreign business partners declared they could not find the best manufacturers of the test benches, someone 

bought the test benches with bad quality, someone bought the test benches with high price.Look at their purchase channels, first one is the B2B website, the B2B platform claim they verify the 

supplier and make sure your business safe,but actually they do not verify them, because all the picutres of the products online offered by the supplier, they are almost the same.Once you pay the 

money to them, you will have a verified mark, There are so many business fraud cases occurred in the B2B website included famous alibaba.com, they can not help you indeed. 

How should we do when we would like to purchase a good quality common rail test bench or pump repair tools for your diesel service center? 

Only one way you should do is to find a best sourcing agency in China specialized in the diesel injection service. 

Taian fox mechanical equipment co.,ltd supplies this special service and we are the biggest supplier of diesel injection repair equipment in the past 6 years in China domestic market. When we saw
some China suppliers offer bad quality product to the foreign market,we felt the responsibility to stop them and offer best quality products to the customer in all over the world.

Our advantage as below : 

1.We are the biggest supplier of test bench in China domestic market
2.We have our own repair shop in China,we know exactly what you need. 

3.Based on own own diesel repair shop,we offer common rail training courses

4.We know the configuration of the test bench you need,and offer lower quotation based on the configuration.

5.We can produce the machine exactly according to your design(OEM).

6.The whole process is tracing from production to shipment. 

7Keep in touch with customer timely. 

24 hours service. 



website: http://www.dieselinjectiontest.com